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WCE Consulting Engineers is an industry leading, multidisciplinary engineering practice...
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WCE Consulting Engineers is proud to have contributed to Social and Welfare organizations across Namibia...
HPS is a Project Management Company dedicated to the development of even and the construction of affordable housing.


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Industry leader building innovation into every design...
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Your local EPCM Engineering and Project Management Partner in Namibia...
A potential solution for reducing carbon emissions across various sectors...
Planning, evaluation, analyzing, and improving mining operations for clients...
Efficiently moving people and goods safely from one place to another...
Top-notch engineering solutions for both urban and rural development projects...
Maintaining a high standard of living and facilitating economic growth...
Design, analysis, and construction of structures…
Innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of each client...
Experienced engineers who specialize in various fields of electrical engineering...
Fire dynamics, flammability of materials, design and installation of fire-safety...
Providing innovative solutions that help reduce our impact on the environment...
Reducing carbon footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change...
Experienced project managers, specializing in planning, coordination, and execution of engineering projects...

Engineering Excellence

Your local EPCM Engineering & Project Management Partner

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Who We Are

Your Trusted Engineering and Project Partner

WCE Consulting Engineers is an industry-leading, multidisciplinary engineering firm. For 45 years, we have built and maintained a strong reputation as pioneers in the industry, delivering excellence in our projects from planning and design to construction and management. Our extensive expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, spanning transportation, urban & rural infrastructure, bulk services structural design, mechanical systems, electrical engineering, and further supplemented by our prowess in specialized fields like green hydrogen, oil & gas, renewable energy, and mining engineering. With an added dimension of providing adept project management and consulting services for complex multidisciplinary ventures, we offer comprehensive solutions that navigate even the most intricate engineering challenges our clients face.

Our Services

Engineering Services

Green Hydrogen

At Windhoek Consulting Engineers, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation, offering comprehensive engineering solutions tailored to the burgeoning green hydrogen production industry in Namibia.

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Mining Engineering

Our engineering expertise is the platform upon which your mining ventures can flourish. With a steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled support infrastructure to the mining industry we stand as a beacon of innovation and reliability.

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Oil & Gas

As your reliable ally, we specialize in the design, development, and management of essential infrastructure within this sector.

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We are passionate about creating a sustainable future by providing innovative solutions that help reduce our impact on the environment while improving our clients’ bottom line.

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Rail and Rural Transport

Transport engineering is a field of engineering that specializes in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure.

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Urban Infrastructure

We specialize in providing top-notch engineering solutions for both urban and rural development projects. Whether you are a private developer, government agency, or community organization, we have the expertise and resources to help you bring your project to life.

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Structural engineering is a specialized branch of engineering that deals with the design, analysis, and construction of structures, such as buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels, towers and other types of infrastructure.

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Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Our Electrical Department offers a wide range of services to our clients, ranging from Electrical Building Services, Industrial Services, Urban Reticulation, Rural Electrification, Structured Data Cabling & Data Centers, etc.

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Bulk Services

Bulk services refer to the infrastructure systems that provide essential utilities to communities, such as water supply, wastewater management and stormwater drainage. These services are critical for maintaining a high standard of living and facilitating economic growth.

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Our Mechanical Engineering team offers expertise across multiple domains including heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system design, fire protection and detection solutions, as well as the design and analysis of elevators, lifts, hoists, and overhead cranes and more.

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Fire Engineering

Fire safety engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the prevention and mitigation of fire hazards. It encompasses the study of fire dynamics, flammability of materials, and the design and installation of fire-safety systems.

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Project Management

Our project management approach encompasses various activities tailored to your project’s needs to ensure that your projects are completed successfully.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Engineering is a field that involves the design, development, and implementation of technologies that harness renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biomass.

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Our mission is to deliver excellent service that exceeds our clients’ expectations the first time, every time.

Happy Clients


We hereby confirm that Windhoek Consulting Engineers has in the past and is currently engaged in the planning, design, and implementation of Structural, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Services on a number of planned developments together with ourselves throughout Namibia. For this reason and given their reliable service standard to which we have become accustomed, we have no hesitation in recommending the use of their services for any property related developments throughout Namibia.

William De'Ath

Fortitude Property Group

WCE performed all their duties and responsibilities satisfactorily, on time and to exceptional standard during the execution of our projects. The company rendered high quality multi-disciplinary consulting services. We would therefore support any proposal they may submit in future for engineering consultancy services of a similar nature.

Morné van Zyl

Safland International Property Services (Pty) Ltd

We have dealt with WCE on a number of projects over the past few years. WCE offers high quality consulting services in Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. We have no hesitation in recommending WCE.

Jacques de Jager

FNB Namibia Holdings

Excellent service and years of experience. Expect quality work from this company.

Owen Olivier

We hereby confirm that Windhoek Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd is the appointed Engineering Consultant and Harambee Project Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the appointed Development Manager for the referenced project below. The project is still in progress, but thus far, WCE/HPS are performing all their duties and responsibilities satisfactorily and to exceptional standard. The companies have rendered high quality multi-disciplinary engineering consulting services as well as development managing services on the above referenced project/s so far. We would therefore support any proposal they may submit in future for developments of a similar nature.

Frans Joseph Ndoroma

Twine Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Delivering Engineering Excellence

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