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Mechanical & Electrical Services

Services provided by the Electrical and Mechanical division include:

  • HV and LV electrification of the residential and township services
  • Highmast stadium lighting
  • Electrical services and the substations for urban and rural areas
  • Low-cost township overhead-reticulation (ABC Systems)
  • CCTV and access control security systems
  • Standard commercial and industrial building installations
  • Hotel television and sound systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Industrial and medical gas

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The electrical & mechanical division is committed to the effective utilization of energy. Thus the Division strives towards the cost-effective design of energy, building, plant and process services.

Designs are optimized with regard to initial capital outlay, and running costs during the economic life cycle, while the clients requirements are given highest consideration.

Recent successfully completed projects include:

  • Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre
  • Windhoek Country Club
  • New Windhoek Supreme Court
  • Multichoice Namibia
  • Wernhill Mall