Harambee Project Solutions (HPS)

Harambee Project Solutions (HPS) was established in 2011. The purpose of the company is to facilitate the development of land and construction of affordable housing on behalf of our Clients (Government, Local Authorities and Private Developers). The business model is that HPS contracts all of the Professionals required to do the project and prepares the business plan to produce financing on behalf of the Client. The land remains the property of the Client and all profits made reverts back to the Client. We are also working on models to finance bulk infrastruacture.

Business Principles

HPS is a Project Management Company dedicated to the development of even and the construction of affordable housing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist Government, Local Authorities and Private Developers to unlock the potential they have in un-serviced land by securing professionals and financing on behalf of the Client. We assist the Client in developing land and construction of affordable housing to make the housing available to the public at the lowest price.

Our Vision

To be the leading project management company for the developing of land and the construction of affordable housing in Namibia and to contribute significantly to the Harambee Prosperity plan by providing affordable housing to Namibians.

Core Value

We believe that integrity is the core value and must be held in the highest regard when doing business. By implementing efficiency and transparency it is possible to develop projects at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible period.