Sustainability Consulting

WCE Consulting Engineers are committed to delivering a comprehensive approach with between environmental  protection, social worth, and economic  development. WCE offers sustainable building consulting, Green Star consulting and building simulation services. The services are offered throughout a building lifecycle, starting from initiation, design, and construction through to operation and maintenance of the project.

Sustainable Building Consulting services include the following:

  • Guidance to the overall process and coordination of the team, consultants, and client expectations, creating developments that are efficient in energy, water, and resource
  • Evaluation of project-specific green strategy feasibilities – quantified and qualified through modelling and site-specific data – to inform decision making process, focus team efforts, manage budget/financial expectations, and set measurable goals/benchmark for sustainable design, construction and
  • Education and design guidance to team supported by computer  modelling, sustainable design best practices, and
  • Manage accreditation submission – advise and coordinate team, provide and track documentation necessary for accreditation.

Services Specifics

  • Green Star New Built
  • Green Star Existing Buildings
  • Green Star Interiors
  • EDGE
  • Retrofit of Existing Buildings

Energy Management

Windhoek Consulting Engineers understands that energy is a limited resource. Reducing energy wastage is of utmost importance, and in the process help the economy and cost competitiveness of our clients.

Energy management is the use of engineering and economic principles to control energy costs while pro­ viding needed services in buildings and industries.

This is done by:

  • Improvements in energy efficiency
  • Changing patterns of energy use
  • Shifting to other sources of

This can result in substantial return on investments stemming from reduced maintenance, material and labour costs. Increased cost competitiveness and a “sustainable green” image.

Windhoek Consulting Engineers offers several levels of Energy Audits ranging from Benchmarking Audits, Level I to Level III Energy Audits and investment grade Audits, depending on the accuracy, use and level of detail required.

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